The Oppo A15s is equipped with the latest technology of high resolution, dual-core processor and Xenon flash memory. This compact 15.2″ ultra-portable is built on the company’s new TFT thin line technology. It has the advantage of possessing the top and most innovative camera with the highest resolution and image quality. The A series has also been enhanced with two extra cameras including the digital zoom and panorama. Both, front and back cameras have an auto focus, shutter button, dual flash, and so many other impressive features that will surely make this camera a top choice among many users.

As one of the premier digital camera brands oppo a15s in the market today, Oppo A15s will certainly please its users with its various exciting features. With the advanced Dual HD mode, the front and rear cameras have a clear quality of pictures with high resolution. The good thing about having such a good quality pictures is that it comes at a very reasonable price, which makes it one of the best bargains in the current market. However, to add more value to the product, it also features a comprehensive warranty. It can be assured that even if the unit encounters serious damages, it would still be repaired at no cost.

This A15s review will concentrate on the technical side and the advantages that the unit offers to users. With the latest processor octa-core processor and up to 4GB RAM of Flash, it certainly has the edge over other similar compact cameras. If you are looking for a camera with better image quality than the A Series, then you should definitely give the Oppo A15s a try. First of all, you will be amazed with the high definition images even if you use the lowest resolution mode.

The body of the camera is made out of ballistic nylon. With the entire structure made out of this durable material, the body is definitely durable and reliable. The camera body comes with an easily grip handle and a large 1.2 megapixel camera lens. You can also remove the flash from the A Series and place it on the flash holder instead of having to place the separate flash card.

When it comes to features, the Oppo A Series takes the market by storm. There are so many great features that you will come across when you use this product. It comes with a high speed Continuous shooting mode, High quality video recording, Full manual control, High definition video recording and also DVR functionality. The anti-shake system is also a nice addition to the product. It works well in getting rid of the shake when taking video footage and you will definitely love the anti-shake feature of the Oppo A15s.

The memory card slot of the Oppo A15s is also spacious. It comes with two slots, one for the Memory Stick and the other for the flash memory card. It has been said that the built in sound recording device of the Oppo A Series is also great. There are other benefits of the Oppo A Series as well and they include a high quality infrared camera lens. In terms of the battery, the unit is said to last for up to nineteen hours of continuous recording. It also comes with a user friendly interface and manual focusing capabilities.